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​writer of fiction and music for children, young adults, and ​dreamers of all ages


Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello world! Welcome to my new website. I am a writer, music director, performer, educator, mom, spouse, lifelong learner, and caretaker to a small menagerie. As you might imagine, this blog will wander quite a bit between those categories and beyond! I will post more content soon; in the meantime, enjoy a few pictures of my furry/feathered friends.

Tonks the Service Dog
Crowley climbing
Sherlock hound
Jilly the fluffy potato dog
Eddi as a baby
Purrsephone in her favorite pose
Crowley and Aziraphale plotting good… or evil?
Aziraphale interrupting my score study
Captain the Cockatiel
Phineas and Ferb the sheep
Spot the ball python

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